Environmental Initiatives


As we live our lives receiving the blessings of the earth every day, we are always thinking about and working on ways to increase the kind actions we can take. We use recycled materials from discarded fishing nets and used plastic bottles in order to use as few resources as possible and contribute to ocean issues.

Nothing would make us happier than having our products become an item that you can love for a long time in your lifestyle.






Why recycle?

It is said that 8 million tons of plastic leaks into the ocean every year, and 410,000 tons of fishing nets are discarded on the ocean floor. They have claimed the lives of countless creatures living in the sea. The number is beyond our imagination...

To be honest, recycling is not perfect, but I believe that your choices will lead to a positive cycle in the world.





Italian-made nylon fabric made from recycled fishing nets and marine plastic debris.

  • During the manufacturing process, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 90% compared to regular petroleum-based nylon.
  • Transparent traceability from raw materials to the process of making yarn and to the sales destination
  • Non-hazardous certification of recycled plastic fabrics (* Certified by the world-famous certification body called OEKO-TEX® .)


You can check out more information on the website of Healthyseas, the organization that collected the fishing nets .




Polyester fabric made from collected and recycled used plastic bottles.

  • The manufacturing process uses less water and reduces greenhouse gas emissions than regular petroleum-based polyester.
  • 80% reduction in oil resources
  • Non-hazardous certification of recycled plastic fabrics (* Certified by the world-famous certification body called OEKO-TEX® .)


You can check the number of recycled PET bottles to date on the REPREVE® website.







Eco Action

■ Pattern print

All pattern printed fabrics are produced using digital printing without using chemical dyes. Since we can print from 1m , we do not use too much excess fabric and do not consume any water.



The production factory is affiliated with a small family factory that is BSCI certified (work environment and employment equality are well protected), and does not mass produce but only produces a fixed number of products, which reduces the amount of waste fabric. there is no.


Delivery package

It is made from naturally degradable corn ingredients and has a lower carbon content than regular plastic bags, and it takes half a year to return to nature after being buried in the soil. CO2 is also generated when it is disposed of as combustible garbage , but since the raw material corn absorbs it from the atmosphere, the total CO2 remains unchanged and is carbon neutral.

Tags, kraft paper, etc. are made from FSC certified materials. Made using wood from properly managed forests.