SWELL & Yourself = "A life like the waves"

Unbreakable, flexible, and being yourself naturally strong.

Be natural & Be strong
you only live once.

Waves have an infinite variety of shapes, each with its own unique beauty. Life also contains individual originality.

Inspired by travel and wellness, the brand was created with the intention of encouraging people to embrace their true selves and value their individuality.

This is a "Swim, Yoga, Active" wear brand for women who love the ocean and nature, inspired by travel.


While we enjoy the benefits of the Earth every day, we are constantly thinking about how to improve our actions to be more environmentally friendly.

SWELLY is committed to minimizing resource waste by using recycled materials such as discarded fishing nets and plastic bottles, making a contribution to the ocean problem. As a small brand, we do not engage in mass production, and we hope our products can become a cherished part of the vibrant lives of girls.

In addition, we will donate a portion of our annual sales to environmental organizations.

Let's protect our beautiful planet together!